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Top Tips to be Positively Effective in Meetings

by Clare Davis on 3rd May 2016


Have you ever sat in a meeting and thought:

  • Nobody even knows I'm here
  • I wish that person would stop talking
  • What is the objective of this meeting?
  • What are the actions from this meeting?
  • I would like to say my opinion but nobody will listen

If this is what you are thinking, maybe you do not understand how to communicate and bring your point across.

A meeting should not be a waste of anyone's time. You should not be attending a meeting for the sake of attending it. Meetings should have objectives, be productive, have outcomes as well as actions.

When you are attending meetings you want to build relationships and communicate in a way so you are heard. People need to feel comfortable with you, like you and trust you, so that you can influence the outcome you want in meetings. You should have a chance to speak and be listened to.

Meetings can be a waste of time if we do not communicate well in them. Adjusting the way you communicate depending on the other person's behavioural style will help you in meetings. If a person asks question after question after question, wanting clarity and explanations, they are not wasting time, they are probably an examiner. Use the words they relate to, to influence them in the meeting. If you just want to get the meeting over and done with and want to get to the point, there will be frustration and conflict of interest.

Who wants to ever come out of a meeting feeling like it was a waste of time? Not me. With effective communication, solid actions and using influence, your meetings can always be productive.

Once you truly know about people, you will succeed at work and in life.  Find out more about how to influence others more effectively in meetings. I can come and coach your team in a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive for learning.  



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