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Think blogging is a load of rubbish ... think again!

by Jacqui Malpass on 18th Mar 2014

What does the word blogging conjure up for you? I am no longer surprised at what others say blogging is.  

  • Doesn't it take time to blog (whatever that is)?
  • I have nothing to say?
  • Why would anyone read it?
  • Eh? What is a blog?

Ok I am being a bit silly, but this word - blogging does seem to create quite a negative image. Or at least a look of confusion.

The reputation of a brand depends quite a lot on its online social presence. It won't have escaped your notice that we live in an Internet based world. No matter what business you are in, people typically look to the web to see what they find out about you first. Alternatively if you have been recommended, to do some follow up research. When they have evidence that you have a community and are having quality conversations, it creates a level of social proof around your brand.  

Maybe it's the word blog that puts you off, to my mind it is simply another powerful news channel, a way to show your personality, build your reputation and credibility. A blog is new PR and as such is a brand asset.

I admit that I am not a SEO expert, but I do have an understanding of it, which why I am pleased that the companies like Google have changed the emphasis on how they rank content. New algorithms can now determine a number of metrics including (I read) the quality of your content. Welcome to the world of artificial intelligence.

I can't think of a better way to add regular, relevant content to your website than to blog And if you don't like the name blog come up with a something else for your new online magazine.  

Mines called 'Blog'.   What would you call yours?


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