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There is NO scarcity. Desperation will not get you Sales

by Clare Davis on 4th Oct 2017

Were you ever so desperate to be best friends with the most popular kid in your school that you would do some really silly things to get their attention? You’d try everything and anything to impress them but it didn’t happen because you were trying to force a friendship.

Similarly, when trying to build your business, if you try too hard to impress people it may seem like you are forcing the situation, ultimately making you look desperate. An example of this is networking. Many people perceive networking as trying to get a quick sale, but networking is not a ‘quick fix’, it’s about nurturing and building relationships. If you appear too pushy you’ll likely scare people off, so try to relax and remember that sales will come if you strategically plan how to build a relationship rather than force one.

If you’re forcing sales, your mindset might be that there is scarcity. When I was first in sales, myself and my director were very competitive. She always wanted me to be the best and beat our competitors. However, one thing I’ve learnt while having my own business is that there is no scarcity. If I don’t win business then it obviously wasn’t for me.

I’ve also realised that I don’t want to win every single business out there. Some clients just don’t suit me, and I don’t have time to work with every single business. Before I even attempt to get a client on board, I qualify them and decide if I want to work with them. There is no scarcity. If one business doesn’t suit me then it’s on to the next one. Have confidence in what you do and only work with those you want to work with. Remember don’t be desperate, you will come across as pushy and turn people off.

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