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Making Your Content Work for You – 5 Ways to Repurpose Content

by Julia Ngapo on 19th Jun 2020

If you’ve been producing content for some time, the chances are that you’ve got a whole library of content sat on your blog, YouTube channel or elsewhere, just waiting for your readers to discover.  You created it, you promoted it, you left it there for your audience to discover and that’s where the relationship ended. But, what about if I told you you could give this quality content a second wind?  That you could repurpose content to create more social media posts and in so doing, save time, reach a new audience and squeeze even more ROI from it?

Sound good?  Of course, it sounds good!  Here’s how you can repurpose content easily.

Create a Round-Up post

If you have several pieces around a common theme, why not create a round-up article, bringing them all together?  An example of this might be “Our top tips for client care”, where you might take salient points from several blogs and present these in one article, with links back to the original posts.

Not all of your audience will have read all of your content, so give them an easy way to catch up.

Turn a blog article into an infographic

If your content would lend itself to being represented visually, then why not use Canva to create an infographic?

Transform a blog into a Video

You can take the main points of any blog post and use them to create a video.  How about uploading it to IGTV, if you have an Instagram account, or uploading it to the Rich Media section of your Linkedin profile?

By using a programme, such as Lumen 5, You can create a short, snappy video presentation, which you can then post to Facebook or Linkedin, for example. Just identify the key points of your article, choose from the available templates or upload your own images and create a stunning presentation ready to post.

Repurpose content into multiple social posts

The chances are that a proportion of your content will have gone unread by your audience, simply because the title of the piece didn’t appeal to them, or they felt it wasn’t relevant to them at that time.  Show them what they’ve been missing, remind them of past content and get multiple social posts, all in a few minutes.  I find the easiest way of doing this is to take a highlighter pen to a printout of your blog or other piece of content.  You’ll find there are multiple paragraphs that will lend themselves to post snippets for any of the social platforms.  Make sure to include a link to the full blog post at the end.

Create a Lead Magnet

The ultimate ROI has to be to repurpose content with the aim of capturing potential leads contact details.  It’s a pretty safe bet, that if someone has taken the time to visit your website, click the blog link and the (hopefully) read the article, then they are a “warm” lead and potentially interested in what you have to offer.  However, one blog post may not be enough to persuade them to become a customer, so by capturing their email details, you have the ability to continue adding value to them, building that relationship; that “know, like and trust” and converting them into a loyal brand advocate.

Create a download,  a checklist, a template, a giveaway of some value to your target client from the original content and offer to your audience, in return for an email address. Again, make sure whatever you’re offering is of enough value to compel them to sign up, and make sure you promote your lead magnet every way you can!

In a world where time is of the essence, looking at how to effectively repurpose content can be a big time-saving super-hack, and, if you consider before you even sit down to write, how you may repurpose content, you’ll find you’re never stuck for social media content again!

If you know you what you should be doing in terms of your business social media but just don’t have the time, the energy, the know-how to do it, then why not make life easy for yourself? You can download my Smashing Social Media 365 Pack – you’ll receive 365 days of social media content with:

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