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How To Inspire and Innovate Your Thinking Every Week

by Paula Luke on 8th May 2018

Great businesses are really just ideas machines; churning out new products, services and creative ways to sell and market what they offer. But how do you keep your thinking fresh and inspired enough to keep those innovative ideas flowing?

Getting away from your day-to-day environment can really help you find those 'aha' moments. When you are away from familiar surroundings your brain is stimulated, you will find yourself able to think differently and tap into the kernel of an idea that has been 'sitting' in your brain. 

We are lucky enough to be based only a short drive from some amazing coastline that provides the best backdrop for a weekly meeting away from the office. Our 'Weekly Beach Walk Meeting' lasts about an hour and provides the team with the chance to discuss ideas away from the desktop, the email inbox, the phone and mobile.

Walking along the beach we give freedom to our brains and voices to say whatever comes to mind. Today, we talked about how we as marketeers can help our clients to humanise their brand through storytelling and video content. Hey - we didn't split the atom, but we did come back to the office with some great new ideas that we are excited to put into practice next week.

We're not talking here about mindfulness, just 'fresh air thinking' that gets you away from the daily routine for 60 minutes every week. If you haven't got a beach, then use what you have - green space near your office building, a local park, or a walk around the local city centre without your mobile or tablet. It will clear your mind and who knows what amazing ideas you will come up with! 

Innovation experts Olivia Fox Cabane and Judah Polllack explore the idea of associative thinking at a deeper level in their book The Net and The Butterfly: The Art and Practice of Breakthrough Thinking; exploring "the forces that prevent breakthroughs from happening inside your mind." It's a great read and you can buy it here if you want to explore this idea a bit more. http://bit.ly/NetandButterflyBook



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