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How to Boost your Energy, Mental Clarity & Business Success by Learning to Love your Liver

by Rebecca O'Reilly on 25th Jul 2022

The liver plays a critical role in every single aspect of your wellbeing from your emotional state to detoxification, energy production, hormonal balance, immune function, blood sugar balance, blood pressure, weight loss and even your eyesight. It is the master organ and foundation of your health.

Sadly, in today’s world we have an epidemic of sluggish liver syndrome on our hands, which translates into symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, brain fog, lack of motivation, weight gain, sluggishness, bloating, constipation, anxiety and a myriad of other symptoms and conditions that people walk around with, without knowing why or how to change them.

And if you’re wondering why your livers might be sluggish, it’s the result of years of processed and/or improper foods, in particular high fat diets; a deluge of environmental toxins such as heavy metals, herbicides & pesticides and radiation to name a few; and increasingly aggressive strains of viruses and bacteria.

This may all be an inconvenient truth but it is the truth and it’s deeply affecting people’s health.

How can we as business owners be expected to perform and create success when our bodies or minds are weighed down by brain fog or gut symptoms? This is like walking through mud.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if we could tap into boundless energy and a sharp, focused mind? Or when we do experience symptoms, know how to transform them?

Well the answer is we can and it all starts with your liver!

Outlined here are 5 key steps you can take to start caring for your liver:

  1. Start your day with lemon water. This might sound basic but it is a powerful medicinal protocol that deeply hydrates the body on waking and instigates the flushing of the liver.
  2. Bring in 400ml of celery juice daily on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes to eat breakfast. Celery juice moves mountains when it comes to your health. When juiced alone with nothing else added, it is a herbal medicine that flushes toxins from the liver, destroys viruses and bacteria, nourishes the brain, heals the gut, and supports the adrenals.
  3. Eliminate fat intake in the morning, focusing instead of fruits and greens. Maybe this is the opposite of what you’ve been told before but by eliminating fats before midday, you allow the liver to do the deeper work. As soon as you bring in fats, you close down that window of opportunity for deeper detoxification.
  4. Focus your diet 90% around the healing foods – fruits, vegetables, herbs & spices and wild foods. We do not need a lot of animal food, pulses or grains to be healthy.
  5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Many os us are chronically dehydrated and aren’t even aware of it! Measure out your daily water intake by having a litre bottle to hand and aim for 2 litres per day. Add lemon or cucumber to ‘wake up’ your water and make it living. By doing so, it will move deep into your cells.

There is path to feeling amazing and it’s in your hands. Carrying out over 2,000 chemical functions in the body, the liver is no less than miraculous. And if you take care of your liver, it will take care of you!




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