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Going Solo: The Inevitable Post-Uni Crisis

by Eleanor Stowe on 30th Sep 2014

We all hear of the people who, after decades at their 9-5 decide to finally take to the stage to discover they're a hit, their hidden talents are unbelievably good and now their lives are suddenly fulfilling and wonderful...

Lucky them! But what about those of us who have worked hard for years on our talents and have now decided that we do not want a career in the arts, or whatever else we've worked so hard at?

In July I graduated with a music degree from RWCMD. I decided about a year ago that I did not want to continue my performing career (at least as my main focus) so I have been searching for the career that is right for me.

I went to the Cardiff WMB meeting and WOW what an amazing group of women! Almost every single member has contributed to my journey, my quest to find what is right for me and in return I have done what I can to help them.

Right now I am still not 100% sure exactly what I want to do but with the help of these ladies, I've had the chance to gain an insight into some of the many different options available to me.

So my advice for someone who's changing their career? Help as many people as you can and they will help you!


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