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Flip It And Own Your Power

by Ann-See Yeoh on 28th Jul 2016

So, what does it mean to be in your power?  For me, it is an empowering feeling, like you are on top of the world and everything is going your way.  It is feeling like you are in control, and yet free and knowing that you are fully supported by yourself and the universe.  

It is when magic happens and anything is possible.

Owning your power feels great but sometimes, we could use with more help to get there, or even stay there.  

Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself to help you step into your power:

We are all human, and a human affliction is that we allow our thoughts to get the better of us.  We allow past experiences to take hold of our mind space.  We get carried away with the "what ifs".  There is tremendous power in words, especially those inside our heads.  Outdated thoughts can get in our way.  

1. Flip your "What if?"  Stop and take a moment to notice your thoughts.  Some of these thought patterns keep replaying in our heads.  Once you have the awareness, you have the choice to break the cycle.  Choose to think about something else.  Flip the "What if they don't like me?" into a positive thought, e.g. "What if they do?"

2. Flip your story.  If you hear “I’m not good enough/smart enough/rich enough/whatever enough,” turn that story around. Flip the statement to: “I’m open to believing I can.” 

3. Flip your mindset.  Perhaps you may need to eliminate certain practices, like talking about things that bring you down, or if you find yourself complaining. Flip  your mindset so that you are thankful for the situation you find yourself in.  

4. Flip your friends. Likewise, you may need to avoid people that leave you feeling drained, at least until you know you can stay in your power in these situations without getting derailed. Flip your environment and seek out more positive and uplifting people to hang around.

As you step more and more into your own power, you may begin to believe in yourself more, and in what is possible for you. You may find yourself more open to the idea that you can have, be, or do whatever it is that you desire. Meditate on what is possible. Feel it in your body. Now is the time to start writing that book, develop that business plan, or do whatever it is you have been dreaming of. 

When you believe it is possible, obstacles dissolve and opportunities will rise to the surface.

Standing in your power is an amazing feeling. Getting there, and staying there, can be an ongoing balancing act. We can learn to wobble less and live with more grace.  We just need to make that choice. 

Will you?


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