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Finding Your Souls Code

by Debbie Bradley on 16th Nov 2020

Finding my passion has been a phrase that I grew up with. What was it that made me get up in the morning? What was it that sparked life into my day and would make me feel like I never worked a day in my life. What gave me inspiration and belief that what I was doing energised me and grew me?


A coming aware of one’s true potential, character and motives. This is a journey I support. To reach into ourselves and find the gift we have so that we may bring about change in our own life and in turn the lives of others.


 I have always felt there is this “daimon”, “genius”, “passion”, “essential positive quality” – call it what you like but we all have this passion for something. I do believe that circumstances and environment play an important role in the timing of finding this passion. Sometimes it is only discovered much later on in life or maybe never at all.


Through coaching and especially integral coaching the chances of finding this passion are in my opinion increased.  To understand what your essential positive quality is and then to weave this into your old and new narrative allows you to witness the power of coaching. To be able to understand this from within also allows me to understand this from my clients’ perspective. Knowing what this quality is and how it can be distorted to close down opportunities as well as how it can be used to open them up will and does allow shifts in behaviour.


In the process of coaching and unpacking our habits of the past we start to notice that the way we show up and the way we look at ourselves will have an effect on others and the world at large. If we choose to blame our parents, our childhood our back story how will we ever be able to create the new story? We need to learn to be kind to ourselves and to care about ourselves so that we can then start to impart this to others.


Do you dare to believe that we are all meant to be here, that we are needed by the world around us?


 I believe that in order for us to fully embrace and understand what that means we have to have a deep look at ourselves. We need to understand what patterns we have created to protect ourselves and to distance ourselves from actually ever finding that passion. Coaching allows this process to happen. My clients have all noticed these patterns – it does not matter where they originate from – “parental fallacy”, genetics, environment, circumstances – what matters is that we can learn to recognise them and then through practice and repetition learn new habits. Habits that embrace ourselves, that are true to who we are and allow us to live and be in this world with authenticity.


 We need a fresh way of looking at the importance of our lives. What we need is an inspirational, positive approach to life, a way of seeing and a way of recovering what has been lost of our intrinsic selves.


We are all victimised by theories that ignore that essential positive quality, the passion, the daimon, the gift that we all have. We allow these theories to take away the passion, the mystery that lies at the heart of each human life.




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