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What we do... By providing online inspiration, face to face training and consulting, and continuous support, CreativeMind builds communities of fun, passionate and creative individuals and helps people break free to build an extraordinary business and live an extraordinary life.

A bit about me...

Hi, my name is Jen Wagstaff from CreativeMind, a sales and personal development training company which specializes in helping people to achieve a confident and winning sales mindset.

People ask me why I do what I do. Throughout my early life I always felt a constant pressure from those around me to have to do well, to achieve, to "be the best".

This served me well most of my life. I did well at uni, got a great job at FedEx, became the best salesperson in the country, then was promoted into a leadership role in the organisation. I was designing, delivering and rolling out all the training for the 1500 sales and leadership professionals in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Smashing!

However in the new job the stakes were raised. I was travelling around Europe training senior, suited and booted directors how to coach their sales teams. People who had been coaching for longer than I had been alive.

Suddenly I felt I had reached my glass ceiling. My best was not THE best. I put so much pressure on myself that it came restrictive, oppressive.

I realised I could not be the best, and for me (at the time) it meant that I could not be anything. It caused me massive problems interacting with senior management. I would have mind blanks, freeze, and feel they were judging me the whole time.

I reached breaking point in January 2011 and decided that I would give myself 3 months to change or I would quit.

I took some holiday, packed my bags and did a 10 day intensive NLP practitioner course. I started coaching, mindset management and I realised so many amazing things about myself. I found the change remarkable. I became a new person, confident and assertive, free to react how I wanted.

The coaching transformed me from a timid, non-assertive, unconfident person, to one who could talk confidently to anyone on the same level.

Seeing the change in me made me want to give this freedom to others. I see the potential in everyone. I see people with amazing products and services that don’t become successful because they lack confidence communicating the value of their products with customers.

My mission is to change this. You don’t have to be "a salesperson" to bring business into your company. My mission is to help you find new ways to do it. To take new, fresh, creative ideas, from psychology, business, personal development, sport, art, theatre, nutrition, science and apply these to business to help people to break free and make themselves and their businesses as successful as they want to be.


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