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Dandelion Financial Limited

Financial advice for women - from a woman who knows.

A bit about me...

It’s in the blood – my father was a District Manager for the Prudential, and out of 5 siblings 3 are Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs).  I am a highly qualified IFA and Director at Dandelion, my mission is to give you peace of mind that your financial future is more secure as a result of working with me.

Here’s why I am an IFA :-

  • I help wealthy families retain their wealth for future generations.
  • I believe that everybody over 50 should have a retirement strategy that delivers the income necessary to allow them to live a comfortable life in retirement.
  • I believe in making money work for you.

So let me be your ‘one-stop’ financial fountain of knowledge for either your personal or business needs.

I am passionate about what I do – so if you have never spoken with a financial adviser before or would like a different perspective on your finances, contact me for a no obligation appointment. 

Financial advice for women – from a woman who knows.