Su Porter Scott

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Respond Training

Respond Training provides accredited First Aid for Mental Health courses to a wide range of sectors. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, personalised training experience to both group and individual learners, whether that be in the classroom or via distance learning.

A bit about me...

I draw on a somewhat eclectic but highly relevant background, utilising my personal and professional experience, to deliver mental health courses to a hugely diverse range of clients. Prior to setting up Respond Training I delivered all the in-house first aid training for an independent school in Berkshire, where I was the school matron. As part of my role there I was also responsible for the for the wellbeing of pupils, staff and visitors, including the provision of first aid treatment and of emotional support to those experiencing a variety of mental health issues. After starting my career as a TV presenter, which helped to develop my presentation and communication skills, I studied Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at the Arbours Association in London, undertaking placements in a crisis centre and a therapeutic community, which provided me with a 'real life' rather than just text book understanding of mental health conditions. I am now fully qualified to instruct a range of First Aid and First Aid for Mental Health courses. I'm passionate about continuing to reduce the stigma which still surrounds mental health, to raising awareness and to supporting those struggling with mental health issues. I believe there is huge value, especially in the current climate, in training people who won't ever replace expert, professional advice but who will be able to recognise signs and symptoms of poor mental health, provide non-judgemental support, signpost to specialist help, be mindful of their own self-care and promote wellbeing.