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Leadership and Transformation coach I work with senior professional women who are often going through a challenging transition in the workplace.

A bit about me...

As individuals we seem to be becoming more and more stressed, more unsure of ourselves, more unfulfilled and more lost. This is supported by numerous studies showing that more of us are struggling with mental health challenges than in previous generations, and it is manifesting at earlier points in our lives.

This is not progress! And, doesn’t it suggest we’ve got something wrong?!

It looks to me like what we’ve got wrong is deceptively simple and yet absolutely fundamental: we have forgotten who we are!

We spend most of our lives paying attention to what is known, such as an apparent world, thoughts, feelings, the body and other objects. If we continue with this perspective and to identify ourselves with these objects, we will continue to suffer.

It’s time to take a different perspective!

We need to draw attention, not to the known objects, but to the presence of what is always there, the knower. You might have heard yourself or others say, ‘I just knew….’ So, what is it that knows itself?

Does a thought know itself? No
Does a feeling know itself? No
Does the body know itself? No
Does the body call itself I? No the body does not know itself.

‘I’ is the name that anything that knows itself gives to itself.

Who I work with

I work with senior professional women, either in businesses or who work for themselves, who are ready;

  • to explore a different perspective on life than the one they hold
  • to ask some questions to understand their true nature
  • to see what else they might want to do in their lives
  • to explore and to get in to action

What I do

1-1 Coaching Transformation Programmes

I offer bespoke coaching programmes for senior women. We start off with a complimentary Discovery call to find out if there is a fit and will to work together. 

If there is a fit I then provide a proposal that gives different options for working together; be that

  • Channel options: face-to-face at their offices, off-site, or virtual sessions and telephone calls, or a combination of all
  • Frequency of sessions that suits their needs.
  • Short intensive working vs over a longer time period
  • Using 90 minutes sessions or a longer Intensive half day session as a kick-off

Focused Development Programmes for Women

Research shows that women don’t progress as well as they could and evidence suggests that creating a safe setting which allows women to develop their own authentic leadership style and understand their true nature is crucial.

Focused development programmes for women allow just that, and may comprise various elements, such as:

  • Leadership development programmes
  • Women’s networks
  • 1-1 coaching
  • Group coaching: This has the benefits of face-to-face but at a lower cost per head than one-to-one plus allows networking opportunities and supporting each other. For businesses who have multiple offices and who want the women to have the group coaching experience but at lower cost virtual group coaching is an option.

Using my extensive consulting experience I have strategic conversations with HR professionals to understand what development women have had to date and how they are supported through challenges in the workplace. From this we look at the next best steps such as diagnosing, designing or delivering some key elements that are missing.

Why me?

  • I bring over 20 years of Leadership Consulting & Executive Coaching experience working in large corporates.
  • I bring expert practical leadership coaching underpinned with an understanding of our true self.
  • I am expert on women’s transition into new roles and out of the corporate world into something new and have done it myself.
  • 10 years working as a specialist Parent Transition Coach supporting women through transitions in and of work
  • I also instantly provide a safe space for transformation to happen.
  • I am a member of a coaching team lead by Garret Kramer, an Author, Coach and Speaker, which has transformed my perspective of life

Client Feedback

Health Consultant

Why I chose to work with Kate?

I was looking to make a change career-wise, but not sure what I wanted. I'd come out of a difficult job, where I was bullied, and into a new consulting contract. The new contract required coaching of very senior managers, which was new to me. When I met Kate I was feeling low and unsure of myself and I felt feeling myself to just get on with it was no longer enough. 



Kate is a fabulous person, I loved spending time with her. She's intelligent, fun and a great conversationalist. She's also very perceptive and focused. She opens up a dialogue which feels very natural and asks thought-provoking questions. She helped me to look into myself and find what matters, in turn helping me to focus- letting go of what didn't matter. Kate wears her knowledge and learning lightly - but you feel it's there. 

Kate doesn't offer 'solutions' but an approach, with suggestions and material, to be drawn on as and when I want. She allowed me to determine the focus of our coaching, and I loved her blending together the business side with the spiritual.


What was different?

My confidence has increased massively and feel a lot more grounded. One fairly immediate impact of working with Kate was that my workshop style improved, I was more relaxed and this was reflected in excellent feedback from the client. This happened after our first session! I've also made some practical changes, e.g. a more succinct and better written CV. More fundamentally, I feel more content and more able to see clearly. Kate never offered quick fixes or instant solutions - which aren't there anyway. Instead, she is helping me to understand my true self.


Other Testimonials


"The way you weave it all together - personal and spiritual insight and reflection to unlock my potential. You are very in touch with the inside out but have extensive senior corporate leadership experience as well.  Great to work with a coach who has walked the walk. You are a natural authentic  master of what you do and you are a dedicated mother."

Director of Transformation at an NHS Trust


"Kate, my coaching experience with you is very special as it goes deeper than coaching for me.  You’ve helped me to connect back to my true self from a place of knowing that I have everything I need, I am wise and I am enough.  The inside out approach to thinking has given me deeper understanding of how to respond to situations and people from a place of ease, being authentically me.   Your very professional but warm style is easy to work with and your approach to coaching has a spiritual feel bringing many realisations to the way I see and respond to what’s going on around me.  These realisations are bringing improvements to my personal and work life.  Thank you".

Head of Organisation Development at a Charity.


“Working with Kate was instrumental in helping me see what I needed to do to get clarity on my role and the appropriate financial package. It also brought to light how I needed to build the relationship with my boss by not focusing on what I don’t have but what I do have. Kate has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter and moving onto a concrete plan of action.”
Deputy Chief Executive at Alexandra Palace.



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