Donna Grimmer

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Violet Test Consulting Ltd

Ensuring quality in your software |Software QA testing | Project Management and Consultancy. Established in Feb 2019 Violet Test consulting Ltd is a software QA testing, project management and consultancy company.

A bit about me...

I started my business at the beginning of 2019 after working as an accountant for 12 years. I have always loved the technical side of software and problem solving. I have had many years’ experience testing software and training people on new systems. Also, helping teams in companies work more efficiently and become productive. Since starting my business I have already seen an improvement on how development teams work together in companies and how they have taken on an agile approach.

I have worked in various industries including manufacturing, construction, health sector, public sector and finance, working on various platforms including desktops, web app, mobile app. .

I have experience working with companies across the world including UK, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, India, China, Germany, France and Italy.

Due to my experience and knowledge over the years I have seen the importance of good software systems and how a poorly designed software system can cause problems for companies and that is why I decided to start up the company.