Sian Fisher

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Sian Fisher HR / House of Colour

I run two businesses, which compliment each other because both help individuals and organisations to thrive. Siân Fisher HR - I provide an independent source of HR advice and creative people solutions, enabling your business to thrive by hiring and engaging passionate and innovative people.

A bit about me...

I’m Siân. At the beginning of 2019, after working full time for various organisations since I graduated, I decided it was time for a change. I set up Sian Fisher Ltd to enable me to do the three things I am most passionate about.

All of the work that I do has a common theme – individual and business wellbeing – I have a variety of ways in which I deliver this, and I can work with both individuals and businesses in all three areas.

Siân Fisher HR​

Providing independent HR advice and creative people solutions, enabling businesses to thrive by hiring and engaging passionate and innovative people. This is through my HR consultancy, Siân Fisher HR ( I take a different approach to HR, starting from a place of trust. This means trusting that employees have the best interests of the organisation at heart and will deliver their best if they are empowered and provided with a positive working environment. I’m not the “HR police” and don’t believe in a policy for the sake of it. Where policies are needed, they shouldn’t make it difficult to achieve positive working relationships or get in the way of customer service.

House of Colour (Monmouthshire & Torfaen)

I offer colour analysis, personal styling and image consultancy. I help people to know their WOW colours so they look fabulous and radiate confidence in the colours and shapes that suit them as an individual. The process enables people to be visible for all the right reasons, feel positive and full of vitality by wearing the right colours and developing their own authentic style. Working with people to know what colours and styles suit them so that they never need to worry about how to look and feel wonderful everyday.

Want to know your WOW colours? Details can be found at

Passion 4 Patchwork

My mum, Hilary, and I have a passion for patchwork and quilting. We love sharing this passion and showing others how to create beautiful items. We provide a range of patchwork and quilting workshops for people who are new to the craft or want to develop their skills. You can find out more details of our planned classes on our website