Julie Bevan

start-ups Member - North Somerset

Julie Elizabeth Hypnotherapy

I am a solution focused hypnotherapist who works with clients to change negative areas in their lives, always looking forward to the client's solution using hypnotherapy.

A bit about me...

Having worked as a police officer for 30 years I realised the part I enjoyed was making a difference to someone's daily life.  I trained as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and realised that not only did it change my life but my client's lives right from the begining.  There is nothing better than seeing huge improvements in client's in a very short period of time.


"I decided it was time to address my postnatal anxiety from which I had suffered for 2.5 yrs. I was introduced to Julie who was very accommodating in coming to see me at times that suited my child care. I was sceptical at first, but after my first couple of sessions I started to feel like the fog that had surrounded me for so long was lifting. I felt like my anxiety was something that I was able to master and control for the first time and I started to enjoy my children in a way that I had always wanted to. I started to enjoy life again. I wasn't waking every morning feeling the fatigue of exhaustion from my brain ticking over non stop with irrational thoughts and worries. My husband said I was almost back to my old self. I would highly recommend Julie and the therapy, it is definitely a therapy I would use again should I encounter such difficult times as before."

Recommended by E.P Somerset

"I went to see Julie as I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I lost my husband, I was grieving, not sleeping, anxious, feeling useless, in other words not coping ast all well. Julie started helping me by learning to relax, she gave me the instruments on how to do that, I was sceptical, but i had nothing to lose. I listened to the CD every night. I couldn't believe it, I started to sleep for the first time, I felt so much better for that alone. I then wanted to work on my anxiety and depression. My doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants, but I did not want to be dependant on drugs. Through the sessions I realised I was doing a great job, I was not useless and had achieved so much since my husband passed that I was proud of myself. Julie made me feel very comfortable, it was a very tranquil, calm enviroment. She always went at my pace, not hers or anyone else's."

Recommended by R.B

"I went to see Julie as I had been having trouble sleeping for a number of years. I was getting very fed up watching the hands on the clock moving round throughout the night while I got more stressed worrying about anything and everything that would pop into my head. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, mainly because I find it very difficult to relax and didn't really believe it would work for me. Julie was very friendly and welcoming but at the same time extremely professional and put me at my ease very quickly. I have to say, that I was amazed that after only 3 sessions my sleep pattern had improved greatly. I was also taken aback as to how relaxed I felt during the hypnotherapy, something I though I would never be able to achieve. I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie to anyone who feels that this type of therapy could help them and also to those who think it wouldn't."

Recommended by M.H North Somerset

"I met with Julie at a time in life when my stress level was unusually high. I was willing to try anything to get more rest and feel less anxious when I went to bed and woke up in the morning. I found hypnotherapy exceeded my expectations about how much can be achieved in terms of reducing anxiety in such a short space of time. I would recommend hypnotherapy as Julie provides a safe and trusting space."

Recommended by Z.S North Somerset