samantha waterhouse

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The Bristol Cookhouse

The Bristol Cookhouse is a hub for food enthusiast to enjoy all aspects of healthy, sustainably sourced food. There is a weekday canteen to enjoy healthy breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks as well as great coffee and quality tea.

A bit about me...

I have been in the catering industry for 30 years and have been a personal nutritional chef to celebrities in the music and fashion industry for the past 15 years. I ran my catering operation from a music studio in South East London and catered for fashions shoots all across London.  After starting my family at 40 I decided to take my MSc in Nutrition and start a nutritional therapy business which would be more child-friendly, however, cooking kept drawing me back and I realised that is where my skills and passion lie. After spending too much time and money renting other spaces to run workshops and cookery lessons, I realised that I needed my own space. So I bought an old shop on Gloucester Road that will be my new project.