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Joanna Crosse is a high profile Voice, Presentation and Communication coach. With a background as a journalist, broadcaster and television presenter and published Author of five books and a series of Audio CDs on the Art of Communication, Joanna understands what it takes to help individuals and organisations to find their voice and reach their target audience.

Joanna has worked for ITV, BBC, IRN, GMTV, C4 and C5 as a trainer and for many of these organisations as an on screen journalist and presenter. She has done Media Training and Corporate Coaching for the police, health professionals, lawyers, politicians, council leaders, publishers, authors, teachers, jockeys, the financial sector, the nuclear and health and safety industry, housing associations and charities.

Drawing on her personal development experience and training, Joanna can help people overcome their blocks and find the confidence to perform at their best whilst being able to be themselves.

Joanna is a qualified facilitator and coach and has helped many organisations with Team Building, Communication and Assertiveness skills. Her fifth book Find Your Voice – how clear communication can transform your life – is published by Little Brown. She has a series of communication audio CDs/Downloads (The Art of by AudioGo)

Joanna also helps individuals and Businesses raise their profile through editorial and advertorial copy and videos.


Many people have a fear of presentations but the reality is that we’re always presenting ourselves to others whether it’s an audience of one or a hundred. The key is to know your audience, put the preparation in and then you can be your natural self. Joanna offers practical techniques and support to help individuals perform at their best in front of their chosen audience.


Even broadcasters and presenters have invariably started out disliking the sound of their own voice and can end up tuning in to their inner critic rather than focusing on what they’re saying. Voice coaching sessions are not just about how you sound but having the confidence to find your voice and tell your story. Joanna helps clients to capitalise on their natural talents and skills and discover the best way to express them.


Interview techniques are something we all need to embrace whether we’re applying for a place at University, a new position or in some cases reapplying for our own job. Many people spend the time worrying about the interview instead of planning and preparing properly. These sessions offer grounded and practical techniques to ensure you will perform at your very best on the day.


Being assertive is about being able to communicate clearly and confidently, getting your message across and being heard. Learning assertive communication means identifying your audience, targeting your message and being able to listen well. Using the right language for the right situation and finding the best way to say the most difficult things is assertiveness at its best. Learn how to break patterns of aggressive or passive behaviour and find your voice.


So many times I have been asked by Training and HR departments to help a member of staff up their profile and achieve their potential. Invariably we stand in our own way or we are playing out some unconscious pattern or behaviour that we need to recognise and then we can deal with it. Helping individuals to learn how good they are and how they can be more effective in the workplace is often down to clear communication skills. Joanna Crosse runs various sessions to help people up their game, develop their inner confidence and find positive ways to deal with difficult or stressful situations.


Some environments can prove intimidating to people who need to present their information in a clear and engaging way. Joanna has worked with many people who find they don’t perform at their best in the boardroom. These sessions are designed to help people learn how to plan and prepare for the boardroom and ensure that their message is heard.


Taking personal responsibility is a must for anyone who wants to achieve their personal best and be an effective team leader and manager. Gone are the days when we just take orders from others and these sessions help individuals to identify their expertise and what blocks they need to clear. Media training sessions help individuals and organisations find a confident and assertive way to promote their products or people in front of the microphone or camera. Learn how to manage the message rather than let the message manage you. These sessions are practical, team building and enjoyable! Clients will leave feeling confident having learnt lots of tips from broadcast professionals.


Whether we’re promoting ourselves or a product we need to learn ways to raise our profile. It’s not about being a pushy salesperson but if you don’t let your potential customers know about something that could help them, even change their lives, then nobody else will. Learn how to network effectively and build your business in a natural and confident way.


Capitalise on the decline of journalists and submit well written press releases and engaging features written by experts but presented by you or you company.


Employ broadcast journalists to help you produce a professional high quality video which you can use on your website or post on YouTube. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Joanna can raise your company’s profile through helping you to create a great media image. Not only can Jo produce your press releases, advertorial and editorial copy but videos as well. Having a video will bring much more traffic to your website as well as boosting your search engine optimisation. The USP that Joanna brings is that she can help you deliver a clear message and ensure that you and your team are comfortable in front of the camera. After all you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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