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Naturally Social

Naturally Social is a Wiltshire based social media consultancy dedicated to working with individuals, organisations and businesses across the UK to help them make sense of social media.

A bit about me...


Background of public sector - I was the social media manager for Wiltshire Council for 4 years. Before that I worked in the Youth Service and explored ways of using social media to communicate and consult with young people. I'm really excited by the opportunitites social media offers us to be open, honest and transparent. It's changed the way we deliver marketing, PR and customer service - and all for the best. 

I have experience in growing large online communities (into the 10 thousands), managing multiple channel strategies and training individuals in a vareity of sectors.

Three main barriers to individuals embracing social media - not knowing how to do it, being scared to do it, not having the time to do it. Well, I'm on a mission to educate, enable and elevate those people through my social media mentoring and management services. In the last 18 months have worked with over 60 businesses doing just that.

My natural skill to think creatively and understand new businesses quickly, combined with 6 years working in the industry, allows me to give tailored advice and  create tailored strategies to every single one of my clients. 



"I had an excellent training session with Natalie yesterday where she showed me elements of Facebook and Twitter I didn't even know existed! She has in-depth knowledge of both marketing and social media yet explained everything so simply, it was all easy to understand. Thanks for all your help Natalie!"

Recommended by Chrystal Penny - Busy Books, Westbury

"My recent training session with Natalie, opened my eyes regarding the social media platforms I currently use. The training was at a pace that was very comfortable for me and she started with the platform that I am most familiar with, giving me confidence when we moved onto other platforms. The little hints and tips are so simple yet so difficult (for me at least) to find and understand if you don't know what you're looking for. Natalie explains things in simple terms that are easy to understand and without too much 'techie' jargon. Following the training I felt so much more comfortable with how to manage my social media, now it's just a matter of putting it into practice. Thank you Natalie, your help has been invaluable."

Recommended by Verity Bartlett - itoast2you

"“We engaged Natalie recently to review our social media outputs and impacts at Wiltshire Air Ambulance. Using both her experience and currency in this fast moving and ever-changing area, she has help us develop a more strategic and targeted approach to social media. Whereas we have in the past been very reactive in this arena, the work Natalie has done will enable those staff tasked with monitoring and managing the various platforms to be more proactive and disciplined, thereby delivering better outcomes. I recommend Natalie to any charity that needs similar strategic assistance.”"


"“Natalie is passionate about social media. Her particular talent is for understanding the needs of the business quickly & knowing exactly what to do, using the most up to date developments to your advantage. An asset to your marketing strategy – thoroughly recommended.”"


"“Natalie is very passionate about Social Media and the knowledge that she has passed on to us has been very insightful and relevant. She always makes an effort to understand our individual needs and I would recommend Natalie to anyone looking to improve their Social Media output and advice on any internet platform.”"


"“Genuinely couldn’t recommend Natalie and Naturally Social enough! Naturally Social manage the social media for my business & Natalie has gone above and beyond expectations in everything she has done. She’s knowledgeable, friendly and has really tapped into the vision I have whilst being continually open to my ideas and input.”"


"“Natalie from Naturally Social delivered two excellent social media sessions; one for our wider team and the other for our communication and events team. She was extremely knowledgeable, professional and approachable in both and pitched the training just right. The wider team learnt a great deal about how to use their personal Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to support our organisation and feel much more confident using these platforms now. Natalie provided the Communications and Events team with advice and plenty of suggestions to develop the corporate accounts. Thank you very much Natalie, we can’t wait to start putting your suggestions into practice.”"


My blogs

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A bit more about me

What's the most enjoyable thing about your work?
Seeing results and being creative!

What is your vision for your business?
To build an agency that has social communications at the heart of how we work. Working with companies who have ethical businesses, CSR programmes or deliver social good.

If you could give one single piece of advice to a new start up business, what would it be?
Learn how to sell!

Which business person or company do you admire most and why?
I really admire Alison Edgar of Sales Coaching Solutions and Natasha Penny of Busy Books Westbury. Why? because they've built up amazing, award winning, value driven businesses that they love to work in day in and day out. Their success inspires me to know that if you work hard and be true to yourself then anything is possible.

Which one phrase or quote sums up your attitude to business life?
Work Hard Play Hard.

What made you join WMB and how do you plan to make the most of the network?
I had experienced an all female networking group before and it was the making of me and my business when I was at a very low point in the early stages. Sadly that disbanded and so I was told about WMB

What do you do at week-ends?
I love to hang out with my husband and friends, see family, shop and exercise when I can.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 2 luxury items would you take?
My eyeliner and tanning oil.

What book are you currently reading?
The Business Model Generation

What book(s) would you recommend?
The Lean Start Up and Ask Gary Vee

Who's your personal hero and why?
My Mum :) she's the kindest, most generous and understanding, loving person I know.

What is your worst experience in business or work?
Being bullied and led down the path of redundancy

What was your first ever job?
Working in Mcdonalds!

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
I love the world full stop!