Natalie Sherman

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Naturally Social

Naturally Social is a Wiltshire based social media consultancy dedicated to working with individuals, organisations and businesses across the UK to help them make sense of social media.

A bit about me...


Background of public sector - I was the social media manager for Wiltshire Council for 4 years. Before that I worked in the Youth Service and explored ways of using social media to communicate and consult with young people. I'm really excited by the opportunitites social media offers us to be open, honest and transparent. It's changed the way we deliver marketing, PR and customer service - and all for the best. 

I have experience in growing large online communities (into the 10 thousands), managing multiple channel strategies and training individuals in a vareity of sectors.

Three main barriers to individuals embracing social media - not knowing how to do it, being scared to do it, not having the time to do it. Well, I'm on a mission to educate, enable and elevate those people through my social media mentoring and management services. In the last 18 months have worked with over 60 businesses doing just that.

My natural skill to think creatively and understand new businesses quickly, combined with 6 years working in the industry, allows me to give tailored advice and  create tailored strategies to every single one of my clients. 



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