Carol Roulston

start-ups Member - Shepton Mallet

Arbonne Consultant

I am a District Manager and Independent Consultant with Arbonne Int. We have a wide range of vegan skincare , nutrition and makeup.

A bit about me...

After being a dog groomer for over 10 years i sadly had to give up my business due to having issues with my hands and wrists. Luckily i found Arbonne just when i needed it most. With poor health and no business anymore i found myself having to look for an alternative to my normal work. I first got to use these glourous products which i fell in love with straight away and then discovered the income that could come with it. So i decided to change my shopping to Arbonne through my own online shop and share the word amoung friends new and old. I am now looking to share the opportuinty with hard working passionate and careing men and women who want to help others.