Anne-Marie Walby

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AM Walby Consulting

When you wish you had more time to pursue your dreams; to put yourself first for once. To indulge in designing a lifestyle, instead of life living you.

A bit about me...

I have 25 years corporate Learning and development and leadership experience.

I have worked for large Global organisiations both within the UK as well as Europe and the Middle East. I have lead teams and coached executives and executive teams for many years. I have travelled  much of the world in search of knowledge and personal inspiration. I have a passion for helping people to find happiness and peace in a way that works for them and enables them to pursue their dreams.

I believe life is an adventure and is there to be travelled. I have learned to breakthrough my fears, pain and blockages and constantly continue to challenge myself. As a busy working mother of 3,  the wife of a hugely ambitious entrepreneur, life is a constant adventure, throwing frequent insights my way, even when I don't want them! Through a desire to help, I share my insights and offer a place of confidence and inspiration to my clients whoever and whereever they are. I love life but that has not always been the case... my life has made me who I am today.... and will be tomorrow. Destiny by design.