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Values are tools not wall decals, are yours earning their keep? - book online

Wed 25th Nov,2020

Philippa Constable

01934 835396

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This webinar will take place over Zoom and the link will be sent out at least 24 hours beforehand.

So often values are used as a tricky question in meetings ‘What are the values again?’ Followed by people grinning in the knowledge they should know them, racking their brains to remember them and kicking themselves when someone else gets to the one they knew first.
Alternatively they are known by everyone - because they are on all the walls. Beautifully sitting above reception and around the meeting rooms, but decoration is as far as their usefulness goes.
In this talk we will introduce the idea of values as tools in organisations - they are to be used, signed up to and filters for our decisions.
I work with organisations to help them identify, define and bringing values to life throughout their teams. Together we will walk through a process to define values and then how to use them. We will look at case studies where values are working well and where they aren’t. This will be a subject that will be useful and relevant for an individual working on their own or a global organisation as both will have values, whether they know it or not.
I will speak a little to my background and my utterly round the houses route to Business as a Force for Good and how I finally recognised that I am a generalist not a specialist! Oh the power of knowing your worth!