by Robyn Harris on 12th May 2018


Also known as the Root chakra, this is located at the bottom of the spine and corresponds to the adrenal glands.  These glands are situated on top of the kidneys.   They secrete a number of hormones including:

  • cortisol ‘the stress hormone’, which causes the blood sugar levels to rise as part of the ‘fight / flight’ response;
  • aldosterone which affects the levels of sodium and potassium in the blood and the amount of water absorbed by the body
  • a small amount of sex hormones.

The body parts influenced by this chakra are

  • Ÿ         the legs,
  • Ÿ         feet,
  • Ÿ         bones,
  • Ÿ         large intestine.

The colour of this chakra is red;
its sense is the sense of smell;
its element is earth
its function is survival.

The foods for this chakra are proteins and meats.

This is the part of the chakra system that relates to matter.  It is the first chakra to open when we are born and it helps us to connect to our family and to feel a sense of ‘home’. It relates to survival and grounding so when it is functioning well the person or animal has a strong sense of self awareness, they are grounded and they feel secure.

Those with problems in this area can experience:

  • Ÿ         weight problems,
  • Ÿ         constipation,
  • Ÿ         sciatica,
  • Ÿ         degenerative arthritis
  • Ÿ         knee problems.

They can also struggle with debt or lack of money and they tend to have a sense of not belonging or being worthless.

When this chakra is open and functioning well you are content within your body.  You are confident with money and are able to manage it well so that you always have enough for your needs.  You feel that you belong and have a strong connection with your family or friends.  You feel wanted and loved.

Our energies can fluctuate during the day, and our chakras can be more or less open in any given situation depending on what ‘pushes our buttons’.

Why not take some time to pay attention to how you’re feeling — whereabouts in your body do you feel tension / pain / ease / lightness?

Are there repeating patterns in your life?  Do they serve you or do they leave you feeling stuck?

If any of this has resonated for you I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a comment or contact me if you’d like to ask any questions or discuss things further:

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(This post was taken from my article on the chakras.  You can read the full text here)